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Underwater photos are great as long as your digiital camera is made to used underwater. If you aren't sure if your camera is waterproof, you may want to read the user manual or visit the manufacturer's website. It is not recommended to ignore the user manual and test out the digital camera to determine whether it is waterproof or not. If you'd like to take underwater photos, you'll either need an underwater digital camera, or you'll need to purchase an underwater housing for your digital camera. Here are some of the best underwater digital cameras and accessories.

Digital Cameras

Technology is advancing so swiftly that the best affordable underwater digital cameras are as powerful and have as many features as top digital cameras from a few years ago. You do not need to spend the big money you would on a high end digital camera, because you can get similar quality in an inexpensive underwater digital camera.

Video Cameras

Underwater video cameras tend to capture stunning digital HD video and even capture still photos up to 8 megapixels in size. With an Underwater video camera you can record your life's most memorable moments at the pool, the lake, or in the ocean.

High End Cameras

High end custom camera housings make it much easier to use your specific camera underwater. Many of the more inexpensive housings will only have one seal which will close around your camera and prevent water from leaking in. The downside of an inexpensive housing is you will have to remove the camera from the housing in order to swap out your battery or memory card. High end camera housings have more than one seals and doors so you can open the battery or memory compartment and avoid having to remove your camera.

Film Cameras

Film cameras are generally encased in a shockproof rubber shell to ensure optimum durability. You can take these underwater film cameras practically anywhere. Most of the lenses are sunscreen and scratch resistant for clear picture. Underwater film cameras are ideal for all types of outdoor activities including snorkeling, diving, and more.

Camera Accessories

In order to get the most out of your underwater camera you may want to consider a high capacity memory card, float strap, wide angle lens, camera bag, L.E.D. video light, or Strobe.


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